EVOline Dock Desk SMALL / 3x power / Silver / cable through side cover

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Dock Desk SMALL

EVOline Dock Desk SMALL, 3x power socket, Silver. Can be mounted on patented clamp feet or stainless steel

Dock Desk SMALL, power, cable via side-cover.

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EVOline Dock Desk SMALL

Specifications EVOline Dock Desk SMALL

    • Power cable with grounded plug


Version power3 way / 3 sockets
Nominal power16 A
Power current230 V/50 Hz
Length power cable3 m
Color power cableBlack
Color profile/housingSilver, anodized aluminum
Color side coversBlack, cable through the side cover
Mounting ClampNo mounting clamp


Mobile or fixed mounting

The EVOline Dock can be mounted either mobile on registered clamp feet or fixed on stainless steel pillar mounts. There is also a stainless steel special mount and Quicklock mount available.

EVOline Dock Desk SMALL with 3x power, silver, cable via side-cover

How to use the EVOline Dock

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