EVOline Dock, above desk quality

Sits above the desk

The EVOline Dock sits above the desk, allowing maximum workspace. Various mounting options are available for the EVOline Dock. For instance the EVOline Quicklock, clamps, pillars and clips.EVOline Dock - 3-way - EVOlieStore

Individual choice

The freely configurable EVOline Dock system extends the private comfort zone in every area of life. International outfitted with connections for power, data, and multimedia.

Configurable station

The configurable charging and data station can be equipped with the complete EVOline standard module range.

Dock White - EVOlineStore

Different colors

There are different colors available. Besides anodized silver, there is anodized black and white power-coating.

Dock White colors - EVOlineStore

Dock White 2 - EVOlineStore