EVOline Fliptop Push S / Netbox 3x power socket / Subtle Grey painted

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Fliptop Push S Subtle Grey

For worktops up to 50mm. 3x power sockets, VDE compatible, 60°, 16 A. Fixed power cable with plug. The cover is opened through a soft push.

Installation dimensions:
157 x 195 mm

3x power socket, housing black anodized aluminum, Subtle Grey powder coating.

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EVOline Fliptop Push S Subtle Grey

Specifications EVOline Fliptop Push S Subtle Grey

    • Max. worktop thickness 50 mm
    • Power cable with grounded plug


Version3 way / 3 sockets
Nominal power16 A
Power current240 V/50 Hz
Length power cable3 m
Color power cableBlack
Color profile/housingBlack anodized aluminum
Material coverSubtle Grey powder coating

Fliptop Push S Subtle Grey, advantages of exchangeable modules

Exchangeable modules for data and multimedia ensure unlimited flexibility in case requirements at the workplace change. We already supply a number of exchangeable modules. This collection will grow once more modules become available.

How to use these exchangeable modules

The exchangeable modules are used within an exchangeable frame. The size of this frame is 50x50mm. Exchangeable modules are available that use half of this size (25mm) and modules that are full sized (50mm). Depending on the type of module the size is decided.
Every exchangeable frame can hold 2x 25mm modules or a single 50mm module.
Combining 2x 25mm modules to be placed into an exchangeable frame, is done by the factory. This cannot be done by the customer.

Contact us for more information or specific questions. Once a double module is created by the factory, the customer can mount this module into the exchangeable frame.

Fliptop Push S Subtle Grey is a great solution for many work areas.