EVOline FrameDock DATA MEDIUM / silver anodised / 4x power / 2x RJ45


FrameDock DATA silver

High-quality design, customizable components, and yet discreet.
3x power socket, 2x RJ45 modular CAT6 shielded profile silver anodized aluminum, covers black.

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EVOline FrameDock DATA silver

Specifications: EVOline FrameDock DATA silver

EVOline FrameDock is a flush fitting system that can be installed horizontally or vertically – be it on a desk, a
kitchen worktop, a wall, or a side of a piece of furniture. The EVOline FrameDock DATA silver blends in effortlessly with its surroundings by lying flush with the surface it is installed in.

It can be mounted almost everywhere due to its low mounting depth of 51 mm and installation from the top.


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