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EVOline FrameDock, flexible modular system

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Can be installed horizontally or vertically

EVOline FrameDock is a flush fitting system that can be installed horizontally or vertically. Be it on a desk, a kitchen worktop, a wall, or a side of a piece of furniture.

EVOline FrameDock, mounting almost everywhere

It can be mounted almost everywhere due to its low mounting depth of 51 mm and installation from the top.Of course, you can configure your individual EVOline FrameDock using the Modular System. You are welcome to use our designtool to create your personal version.High-quality design, customizable components, and yet discreet!

FrameDock in different colors

There are 3 different profile colors available:
  • Silver anodized
  • Black anodized
  • White paint

Side cover colors

There are also several side cover colors, black, silver and whiteFor more news, see this blog item

Best Table and wall boxes

EVOline Table and wall boxes were created to highlight and market the best Conference Room power and multimedia boxes on the market. EVOlineStore is the authorized dealer for all EVOline Cable Wells, Tilt Ups, and Pop Up boxes worldwide.Our top sellers bring inputs such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB charging, Data (Multiple CAT specification networks), VGA, Power, Video, and USB-C.Do you require help with a custom configuration or size? Send us an email, We'd be happy to assist!