EVOline Port USB Charger / Stainless steel / 2x pop up socket / 2x USB

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Port USB stainless steel charger 2x pop up socket, 2x USB charger

2x power socket, USB charger, covering aluminum, rocking top solid stainless steel, collar plastic stainless steel look

Stainless steel charger from EVOline with power + USB. Available in different colors therefore can be easily integrated everywhere. This SKU is the same as 6341-5921

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EVOline Port USB stainless steel charger

Specifications EVOline Port USB stainless steel charger

    • Mounting hole Ø 102 mm
    • Max. worktop thickness 50 mm
    • Power cable with grounded plug
    • USB charger with 2 USB sockets


Version2 way / 2 sockets
Nominal power16 A
Power current230 V/50 Hz
Length power cable3 m
Charger voltage output2 x 5V DC
Charging current2 x 1000 mA
Standby power use< 0,1 W
Color power cableBlack
Color profile/housingSilver, anodized aluminum


The EVOline Port USB charger offers you a wide selection of various modules, such as socket outlets- and data modules, which can be joined independently. The exchangeable modules can be easily replaced at any time.

The stainless steel charger is available in different colors and therefore can be optimally integrated into all kinds of surroundings.

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