EVOline Express series - Availability

EVOline express series power socket rail

Availability EVOline products

As many customers have noticed, the availability of EVOline products is limited at the moment. Especially for the EVOline express series, there is an extreme demand.

Demand is overwhelming

Worldwide demand is beyond any expectation since the global economy is booming. As a result, lead-times are increasing. Although EVOlineStore has the largest stock of EVOline products worldwide, sometimes the demand is just overwhelming.

Good news

The good news is that we have managed to increase our stock of three- and four-fold express power socket rail. We have standardized to the GST18 connection black version. Wago/Winsta connector and red-colored versions are also available but we do not have them as stock items.

The express system is a favorite with customers that install larger projects. The flexibility to combine several socket rail with all kinds of lengths, power- and pair-cables, makes it fast to install the winning system.

Express Type 910

EVOline Express Type 910 for a consistent modular power supply provides a flexible number of power sockets. Self-extinguishing plastics, sockets with contact protection, and the testing of every single product before dispatch provides the highest safety. Similarly, protection and switch modules are available as well.

Technical Information for Express Type 910

  • Rated voltage: 230 VAC
  • Rated current: 16 A
  • Halogen-free housing
  • Connectors for direct connection to each other (loop-through wiring)
  • sockets redated through 30° (for example, allows the use of power supplies)
  • Trough wiring because of solid copper wire 1.5mm²
  • Low heat and high current carrying capacity through copper Contact rails
  • Certified according to DIN VDE 0620-1
  • Glow-wire test to IEC 60 695-2-11. Self-extinguishing. Flame retardant
  • Each item individually tested with a test report
  • Test Modes: earth bond test. Continuity test. High voltage test
  • finally socket housing: without screws or bolts

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