EVOline Express power supply cable / Black / 3-Pole – VDE


Express power cable in various lengths

Volume pricing available via email

EVOline Express power supply cable, black, 3-Pole to VDE (Schuko). The cable has a safeguard contact angular VDE joint to a 3-pole connector.

Any length custom cables

Besides the standard lengths, we can supply any required cable-length. Just contact us via email.

Please select the cable length and connector type

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EVOline Express cable for power supply

EVOline Express power supply cable with VDE (Schuko) to 3-Pole in several lengths. The cable has a protection contact angular VDE plug to 3-pole 3-Pole connector.

Instead of a connection or power cable with a standard plug, almost all EVOline systems can be fitted with a 3-Pole connector. In case a connector cannot be placed directly in a unit, mini cables (pigtails) with 3-Pole connector can be used.