EVOline Express connection cable / Black / Male-Female


Connection cable Black, Male – Female

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Many pluggable building installations come with express products from EVOline.

Any length custom cables

Besides the standard cable lengths, we can provide any required cable-length. Just contact us via email.

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EVOline connection cable black

The certified parts of the 3-Pole product family are useful e.g. for lighting systems, switches, shutters, and power sockets.  EVOline connection cable, part of the Express line products. Connectors male + female 3-Pole.

Pluggable building connections with express products made by EVOline. Many of the EVOline systems can be implemented with 3-Pole connectors.

EVOline Express Connection Cables

The EVOline Express connection cable has a male and female 3-Pole connector, color black

EVOline Express Supply Cables

The EVOline Express supply cables have a safety contact angular VDE plug and a socket connector, color black. International versions are also available at request.

Systems with 3-Pole IN/OUT connector

Most EVOline systems can be supplied with Express 3-Pole in- and out connectors for interconnecting units. If fixed Express 3-Pole in-/out connectors are not an option, short pigtail cables with 3-Pole connectors can be used in the same way to connect several units for mutually linking.