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Technical Information for Express Type 910 socket rail system

  • Every EVOline Express socket rail is individually tested with a test report
  • Rated voltage: 230 VAC
  • Rated current: 16 A
  • Halogen-free housing
  • Connectors for direct connection to each other (loop-through wiring)
  • Sockets redated through 30° (for example, allows the use of power supplies)
  • Trough wiring (solid copper wire) 1.5mm²
  • Low heat and high current carrying capacity through copper Contact rails
  • Certified according to DIN VDE 0620-1
  • Glow-wire test to IEC 60 695-2-11. Self-extinguishing. Flame retardant
  • Test Modes: earth bond test. Continuity test. High voltage test
  • Socket housing: without screws or bolts
The EVOline Express socket rail system provides sockets and connectors.

Super-fast interconnection

EVOline Express is a cost-effective and safe solution for the pluggable installation of sockets and protection units. A power connection from a wall or floor to a work table? The EVOline Express series makes this super fast and easy. The system is optimal in open office landscapes, where you can easily connect a power cable from one place to another. Costs can thus be saved by reducing the number of wall sockets in the permanent installation in the building.Above all, we have managed to increase our stock of three- and four-fold express power socket rail. We have standardized the GST18 connection black version. Wago/Winsta connector and red-colored versions are also available but we do not have them as stock items.The express system is a favorite with customers that install larger projects. The flexibility to combine several socket rail with all kinds of lengths, power- and connection-cables, makes it fast to install the winning system.EVOline Express various - EVOlineStoreWith Express products from EVOline you can extend your electrical installation from the group box to the workplace. However, you no longer work with separate components, but with completely assembled products. In other words, the Express series brings you "Plug and play", according to the latest technology!

Install pluggable

Pluggable installation is gaining popularity. More than 70% of electrical installations in non-residential construction are already carried out with these prefab products. Installing pluggable is based on the "plug and play" principle. For instance, a complete electrical installation can be built up by means of uniform installation plugs. Simple, efficient, and flexible. EVOline Express is gaining in popularity and has gradually become a preferred solution for transporting electricity to work or class areas similarly in both new and old buildings.

Express series saves you money and installation time

All components can be mounted easily and without tools, so they can be plugged in. This means you get a flexible and cost-effective solution that is easy to install and adjust. With EVOline Express pluggable products you can even extend your electrical installation to the workplace. In conclusion, installation times are shortened considerably, the installation remains flexible and is easy to expand. The Express series saves you money and installation time!

Safe use

Risk reduction based on the modular principle. The EVOline Express series separates sensitive electrical circuits from each other and ensures operational safety. For example, the Express units are precisely configured for the respective task. Only one thing is the same for all solutions: they are made of self-extinguishing, non-combustible plastic. In addition, everything is modular and expandable, easy to use, and requires no further structural measures. In conclusion, only benefits here!

Expand with workplace built-in units

This solution can be expanded with smart built-in units for workplaces. Instead of a connection or power cable with a standard plug, almost all EVOline products can be fitted with a GST18 or Winsta connector. In other words, if a connector cannot be placed directly in a unit, mini cables (pigtails) with GST18 / Winsta connector can be used.