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  /  15 March, 2020
EVOline Circle80 - 3fold cable guide + multimedia - Black - EVOlineStore

EVOline: new products and modules for extended flexibility

For extended flexibility, new EVOline products, and modules

Products and modules for extended flexibility from EVOline: a well-known name in the world of interior design providing clever modular solutions for electrical and multimedia connections and sockets.

Work environments that make extensive use of electrical and electronic devices, and accompanying sockets and cables, such as offices and kitchens, adopt EVOline products to optimize the workplace. EVOline sockets are the discreet type, they silently disappear or sink below the desk, and all cables are magically out of sight.
Around the world, international companies, retailers, restaurants, kitchen suppliers, designers, and private users are experiencing the advantages of EVOline’s modular-based sockets and connection points. Read on for a review of EVOline’s latest products.

The natural-stone look: the new EVOline surface for backflip sockets

The EVOline Backflip power socket gets a great new look. EVOline design presents the new backflip power socket natural-stone composite surface.EVOline_Backflip_concrete-look_EVOlineStore
This nifty modular power socket that has become an essential element for desks and office furniture, as well as kitchens of every type, has upgraded its look. The brand-new natural-stone composite surface for the EVOline Backflip is now available for order.

Following the new ceramic concrete-look surface recently released, this state-of-the-art natural-stone surface is yet another interesting alternative for your embedded socket unit. The natural-stone effect has a certain attractiveness that could fit well with other design elements, depending on surrounding decor and personal preference.

Along with the recent ceramic concrete-look surface, the new natural-stone composite surface joins the family of finishing surfaces available for EVOline Backflip power sockets which includes basic white or black glass surface finish, white or black painted tops, and stainless steel finish.

The versatile bespoke version gives you the basic unit of two power sockets and one USB charger fitting snugly into your furniture unit and free choice of surface top.

Preview: the new EVOline USB charger

The newest proposal from EVOline is their handy multi-purpose USB charger Type C (USB 3.1) which will be available from April 2020. This novel piece of equipment has all the characteristic advantages that customers come to expect from EVOline products: numerous options, alternatives, and modules.EVOline single USB charger Type-C 2.1A 25x50 - EVOlineStore

The new Type C charger has a charging function only, with a supply voltage of 100-240 VAC. More than ever, charging devices through USB ports has become a speedy and practical way to keep all systems up and running. The new EVOline USB charger offers instant practicality together with the typical EVOline discreet design.

This brand-new cutting-edge EVOline product has installation measures 25 x 50 mm and it is flush-mounted. Many EVOline systems can be fitted with this new USB charger, but not all yet.

New modules for the EVOline Circle80 series products, and modules for extended flexibility

The well-known EVOline Circle80 desk-top socket has acquired new possibilities in the form of new options for the finish and the modular parts.EVOline Circle80 - International power sockets - EVOlineStore
For particular requests, such as international power sockets or other electronic connections, the online EVOline Design Tool allows you to create your own Circle80 according to your needs.

New module: the fully closed cover plate
EVOline Circle80 - Full cover plate - Black - EVOlineStoreEVOline Circle80 - Full cover plate - Black in white - EVOlineStore

In some cases, you might not require the opening which can be used to put through a diversity of cables. Now there is a snug-fitting cover plate to close-up this unused space. In the above example, a black cover plate is used within a white unit to create a special color effect.

New module: Cover plate with 6 cable outlets

Products and modules for extended flexibility from EVOline Circle80 - 6fold cable guide module - Black - EVOlineStore EVOline Circle80 - 6fold cable guide - Black - EVOlineStore

The newly developed cover plate that provides six cable outlets is part of the EVOline Circle80 series and aims to cater to those situations where multiple outlets are needed. The six outlets are in different sizes (2 x 4, 7 and 9 mm) in order to suitably accommodate diverse cable connections.

New module: Multimedia

Products and modules for extended flexibility from EVOline Circle80 - 3fold cable guide + multimedia module - Black - EVOlineStoreEVOline Circle80 - 3fold cable guide + multimedia - Black - EVOlineStore
With the new EVOline cover plate with multimedia applications, the multimedia socket can be RJ45 data, USB 3.0 or HDMI 1.4. The multimedia cover plate is an important addition to the EVOline Circle80 modular parts collection, developed to satisfy numerous customer requirements.

The cover plate with multimedia applications (socket – socket, without cable) and 3 cable outlets (2 x 4 mm,1 x 9 mm) is designed for those work situations that need multiple power supplies and make intense use of multimedia applications.

The new modules for EVOline Circle80 are available in black or white.

Customers will be pleased to know that EVOline delivers worldwide, particularly in Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. International private customers, retailers, and wholesalers can find a style and clever practicality in one nifty EVOline product, speedily delivered.

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