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EVOline Quicklock worktop clamp

EVOline Quicklock, functionality and design should not end at the desk edge

This efficient worktop clamp is an elegant and intelligent solution to attach EVOline Dock systems to any worktop. The fixing is very fast and needs no tools. Power- and Data-cables are hidden by a cover. Nearly all length options allow to snap-in EVOline WireLane to guide the cables concealed to the floor.
By the way – EVOline Quicklock can be retrofitted on existing Docks, R-Docks.

Perfect for organizing unsightly cable mess

This efficient worktop clamp provides a quick and secure mounting solution for the EVOline Dock series and EVOline R-Dock range – perfect for organizing unsightly cable mess.

Installed onto the desk surface without the need for tools, the EVOline Quicklock conceals all power, data, and multimedia leads. All these are exiting the system behind the black aluminum cover.

Quicklock, the “Deluxe version”

This is the deluxe version, the EVOline Quicklock. This mounting clamp is available in different lengths to match the length of the EVOline system to be mounted. This accessory has an integrated cable guide which also can be connected to the EVOline Wirelane.

Incorporating EVOline Wirelane

In addition, with the option of incorporating EVOline Wirelane, the cables are neatly stowed away from the desktop to the floor box.

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EVOline Quicklock - EVOlineStore

EVOline Quicklock - EVOlineStore

Quicklock from EVOline, a great solution to attach Dock systems.