EVOline Backflip white painted top / 2x power socket / 1x USB Charger


Painted sockets always available, but never in your way!

In a closed position, EVOline BackFlip white is just a thin plate on the worktop. With the touch of a finger, it turns 180 degrees.

2x power sockets, 1x USB charger, housing black plastic, white painted top

Please choose the power socket model that is proper for the country in which this system will be installed


EVOline Backflip white painted sockets

Specifications EVOline Backflip white paint

  • Max. worktop thickness 40 mm
  • Power cable with grounded plug
Version2 way / 2 socket
Charger1 way / 1 sockets USB A
Nominal power16 A
Power current240 V/50 Hz
Length power cable3 m
Color power cableBlack
Color profile/housingBlack plastic
Material coverWhite painted top


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The new EVOline backflip white and black glass inlay: revolutionizing socket technology

When using the system in your kitchen, just one tap from your finger is all that it takes

Activating the new backflip white from EVOline is so easy. Just a single touch of a finger and its beautiful structure will spring into action, flipping 180 degrees to rise up off the work surface (or the stovetop or wherever you have placed it). As such, it improves the flow of your cooking experience and makes your kitchen much more receptive to your needs.

EVOline Backflip white in kitchens

Integrating appliances with the physical process of cooking is the way forward for kitchens. Whether you have a small, minimalist kitchen or a large and rambling rustic kitchen and dining room combo, the new Backflip White will be a welcome addition to your workspace. Try this device today and experience a revolution in the way that you prepare food.

The conclusion is that whatever material is used for your worktop, EVOline systems work perfectly together with any material, from wood to solid stone or glass to concrete. It is completely up to you, the person creating its personal surrounding and living in it. – There are so many chances using EVOline systems in your kitchen –

The EVOline BackFlip white sits nearly flush on the worktop surface