EVOline Square80/ 1x Qi/ 1x power/ 1x USB charger/1x RJ45 cable/ Black


Square80 Qi-charger, power socket, USB charger + data pull-out cable, Black

Power socket, USB charger, Qi charger, RJ45 patch pull-out cable CAT6, 3-meter power cable and VDE plug, housing plastic, sliding cover black plastic.

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EVOline Square80 Qi-charger, 1x power socket, 1x USB charger, 1x RJ45 cable, Black

Specifications EVOline Square80 Qi-charger, 1x power socket, 1x USB radio charger, 1x RJ45 pull-out cable, Black

  • Mounting hole Ø 80 mm
  • Max. worktop thickness 50 mm
  • Power cable with grounded plug
  • USB charger with 1 USB socket
  • Qi radio charger
  • RJ45 pull-out patch cable CAT6
Version1 way / 1 power socket
Nominal power16 A
Power current240 V/50 Hz
Length power cable3 m
Charger input voltage nominal 100-240V AC (+10% / -10%)
Charger input frequency nominal 50-60 Hz
Charger output voltage nominal 1x 5V DC (+5% / -5%)
Charger output current nominal 1 x 1000 mA
Charger standby power use< 0,1 W
Qi wireless chargerQi-compatible power transmitter
Version Data1 way / 1 RJ45 pull-out patch cable
Color power cableBlack
Color profile/housingBlack, plastic with sliding cover


The EVOline Square accommodates a power socket, Qi-charger, USB Charger, and a data attachment within 80mm diameter.

Even in a closed position, EVOline Square supplies you a smart offer: The sliding top in its QI-Version presents an inductive technology for wireless charging of fit mobiles.