EVOline Circle80 DisQ with USB C power supply


The EVOline Circle80 DisQ with USB C power supply

Wireless charging

    • inductive coupling between transmitter
      (charging station) and receiver (mobile phone)
    • vendor independent, charges devices with inductive charging function
      (the unit must be placed centrally and flat over the coil)
    • Transmitter coil is active only when a connection
      to the receiving device is made
    • Please note: The charging function may be impaired
      by covers or protruding housing parts (e.g. cameras)

More Circle80 information

 The Circle80 unit is NOT included, that is a separate product! 


EVOline Circle80 DisQ with USB C power supply

The Circle80 is now available with an induction coulter integrated in the lid; EVOline Circle80 DisQ

The EVOline Circle80 has a power socket, double USB AC charger and cable outlet in a compact three-in-one solution. What’s more, it’s just 80 millimetres in diameter. As a result, all the connections are in one place and easy to reach. Three new, easy-to-mount retrofittable modules now provide even more convenience in the workspace.Easy and reliable to fitThe EVOline Circle80 blends in discreetly with the worktop and is fast and easy to fit. Due to its low mounting depth of just 48.5 millimetres, the unit can be fitted horizontally and vertically to worktops and benches. At just 80 mm in diameter, it fits in all standard holes on tabletops. It’s easy to place in the hole from the surface without the need for any time-consuming mounting underneath the tabletop. The system is quick to screw securely in place.Internationally approved socket modules mean the EVOline Circle80 can be used in a wide range of areas. The choice of colors taps into even more design options. All components come in black and white, the covers on the Circle80 casing are also printed to look like stainless steel. Thanks to Circle80 and the add-on modules, EVOline therefore offers a whole host of design options for the most diverse of workspaces.

The charging process

The charging process with the Circle80 DisQ works in the closed, as well as in the opened state. This means that the familiar functions of the Circle80 can still be used. Smartphones with a magnetic ring are optimally fixed.

The ideal addition to the Circle80 series

The Circle80 DisQ or Hide fits into the existing module opening. This means that every Circle80 can be retrofitted without any problems.

With USB C power supply

A 20W USB Type-C power supply is included.


Excellent product design

The EVOline® Circle80 was awarded the German Design Award Special 2021.

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