EVOline Plug / White

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Plug white

EVOline plug, flat plug with additional movable plug head, for cables from 0.75 mm² to 1.5 mm², 250 V / 16 A.

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EVOline plug white

The EVOline plug white, super flat plug with movable plug head for VDE standard. For cables from 0.75 mm² to 1.5 mm², 250 V / 16 A.

The EVOline plug white has an entirely new product design. This design is distinguished by a very low overall height, that allows furniture to be pushed firmly toward the wall. Specially built in devices take advantage of the super flat design. Devices like lighting units, all kind of consumer electronics, stereos or televisions.

Also, kitchens benefit from the flat EVOline plug. Since sockets are usually on the upper half of the wall and often interfere with hanging kitchen cabinets, the flat EVOline plug is an optimal solution.

Another secret

The flat EVOline plug white keeps another secret; his movable plug head results in virtually no force required to unplug the EVOline plugs from the outlet. The EVOline plug uses a leveraging mechanism to push itself out of an AC outlet. For both children and older people, this is a great improvement because the standard connectors often can only be unplugged with quite some strength.

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EVOline Plug in black and white

EVOline plug white, super flat connector with movable plug-head

How to use the EVOline plug white

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