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EVOline One: the new electrification solution

The new electrification solution: EVOline One

A well-furnished and optimally functioning office takes into account the current flexible working methods, as well as the needs for communication, ambiance and adaptive technical solutions. The new built-in solution EVOline One is not only a subtle eye-catcher for worktops but also convinces with its versatile application options. Thanks to a flexible mounting system, the round single socket can be installed not only in worktops but also in upholstered furniture.

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Compact power or data access solution

EVOline’s new One electrification system is a compact power or data access solution that integrates seamlessly with any design concept. Whether at the workplace, in the conference room, in the lounge area or in the kitchen, the EVOline One provides fast and secure access to power or data. This is done in a very space-saving and discreet manner. The round single socket can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be adapted to the respective requirements thanks to the wide range of module inserts. In addition to the variable inserts, EVOline also offers an individually selectable rotating cover.

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Easy and safe installation

The round design of the EVOline One allows quick installation and can be easily integrated into all panel materials and upholstered furniture. Installation only requires a hole cut out of 54 millimeters in diameter. The patent-pending clamping pieces ensure a secure hold from a plate thickness of 9 millimeters. It does not matter if the single socket is mounted horizontally or vertically.

Space saving and discreet

The new One is individually configurable and EVOline One - USB charger black - EVOlineStorecan be adapted to different needs. EVOline offers a wide selection of international sockets, data- and multimedia modules, which can be selected according to the specific use. In addition to the ring-shaped attachment, the single socket can also be equipped with a cover. This cover can be easily turned to both sides. Both elements are available in different colors and materials. Thanks to its almost flush mounting, the electrification system integrates discreetly and at the same time space-savingly into every situation.

About EVOline

As a supplier of modular system solutions for power and data connections, EVOline develops product solutions for the entire range of electrification of office workplaces or in living spaces. All EVOline products are manufactured in Lüdenscheid, Germany.  EVOline has won several design awards. In 2017 alone the ICONIC Award in the category product best of best, the German Design Award winner and the iF Design Award.
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