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EVOline Vertical, stable and free standing

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EVOline Vertical - EVOlineStore new base

Upright, mobile and space-saving

The EVOline Vertical is a free-standing solution for any room. Securely fixed to a solid cast iron base, the Vertical is upright, mobile, space-saving, and therefore the ideal solution for offices, hotels, or retail areas.

All available at a convenient height

The maximum height of 1.20m makes it needless to bend over to reach sockets: Power, data, and multimedia modules are available at a convenient height. It can be positioned right aside from a floor outlet.The Schulte Evoline Vertical is the freestanding solution for the workplace in any capacity. In the office/living and/or working environment, the requirements for flexibility and design are increasingly important. The new way of working has, of course, made its appearance and this has changed the way of working. In order to participate, we have put together a range of freestanding electrification solutions in which we can meet current and future requirements in which quality, flexibility, and design are important. Of course, all these solutions can be configured customer-specifically.

EVOline Vertical Standard

  • Aluminum housing
  • Cover made of aluminum, black powder-coated
  • Base, black powder-coated 210 x 300mm
  • 3× sockets, VDE-compliant, 60°, 16A, contact-protected
  • Fixed supply cable, 3.0 m with angled plug
  • 2× double USB charger Type-AC
Dimensions Base:Size 210 x 300mm Total Height: 600 mm