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EVOline U-Dock, underdesk. robust. save

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Mount as you prefer

EVOline U-Dock can be mounted to any work surface in various ways.

Freely configurable

As a robust base for professional power and data supply, the freely configurable aluminum profile can be outfitted with various power and data modules. As well as safety devices for the protection of employees and machinery.Also, USB chargers are an ideal addition to the U-Dock series. The U-Dock looks good in plain sight but also does a great job while hidden beneath a worktop or in cupboards.

Various connections

The power supply can be realized both with a plug connector and with a fixed mains joint cable, such as the extra flat EVOline Plug.The aluminum profile of the EVOline U-Dock can be attached to, below or in front of the work facade in a diversity of ways for power and data supply.