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EVOline Power Port, power only solutions

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Power Port, or simply powerport

For those who only require more power sockets without other modules, there is the EVOline Power Port. There are standard versions with 2 or 3 power sockets. We can also supply versions with a single power socket, up to 6-7 power sockets. When using 6-7 power socket versions of the EVOline power ports, keep in mind the maximum power demand of the specific devices that are connected.

All over the world

This is the number one EVOline Port that has been recognized around the world in cuisines, resorts, conference tables, and worktops. The highest quality design ensures security and long life. Designed and produced in Germany, therefore a real German quality product!

Powerport, the retractable solution

The EVOline Port lets sockets and cables simply disappear. Just the collar and cover of the Port are visible on the work surface.

Easy pull-up

The easy pull-up motion lets the high-quality aluminum body appear and subsequently, a push-down motion lets it disappear below the surface even with attached plugs. The patented rocking cover creates enough space as a cable outlet.

How to operate?

Starting from a closed position, gently push on the rocking cover and tilt it open. Putting your fingers under the edge of the lid, lift the device up to present the power outlets. When the maximum height has been reached the unit locks itself via a soft click.The unit can be opened to expose one or all of the power sockets. In addition, simply plug your appliance into a socket. Now you have a choice, to either continue using the device in the open position or return the device to the closed position.In conclusion, once retraced the top stays in the tilted position allowing any connected cables to stay in place and slightly grasped to restrict loosening of the connection plug.

Easy installing

Every EVOline Port is very easy to install once a 102mm hole is cut out.
  1. Unscrew and remove the nut from the Port
  2. Place some silicone kit between the sleeve of the Port and the countertop
  3. Following, settle the Port unit in the cutout
  4. In addition, screw the nut back onto the Port below the worktop surface
  5. For extra fixation, anchor the Port to remain in position by establishing the set screws into the lock nut and the worktop surface
  6. In case of a marble or stone worktop, use some extra silicone instead of the screws
  7. Finally,  plug the Port into a wall or floor outlet.
  8. Please study the instruction plan that comes with your PowerPort
Replacing a broken or scratched cover
Sometimes things just happen especially when you are having "such a day". In that case, original EVOline spare parts are a great addition. It does not matter how cautious you might be or how firm we design our products, incidents appear.With limited handy work, anyone can repair or replace a broken or damaged lid.When only power sockets are required, buy the EVOline Power Port.